Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

realness starts by yourself

Being real starts by yourself to close old ghosts and to be free -

two happy dots

two happy dots on a small way walking together

so much things they did and promised each other 

destroyed by the internet they never can find each other

or even talk to each other because on is angry and bitter and full of hate

and alcohol

the other hardly alive crying for nothing anymore an empty dot

puke away so hardly from the angry hated dot dot dot

they were green before now they both worth nothing 

Stand up comedian

i wish you would stand up for once in your life you clown

i wish you would stand up for once and tell the truth

stand up and say i am sorry for all what i have done

wishing this from you Comedian for once in your life

do something right like you never done before


a good friend of mine cut herself  *I am Bad * into her leg

so that noone can see this and only because of one person

who never learned to love, give love and respect and who never

showed the real face

why are people in the world have no selfrespect

anymore-- selfrespect for life and others -- they rumble into someone use them up

and let them fall into hell- no matter what-- they cut off and want to be someone they never can